Alleviate Pain Naturally and Permanently With a Headache Treatment

Posted on: March 16, 2018

Headaches are not all created equally, but a headache treatment can alleviate pain successfully. Many people resort to taking daily medication to ease the ache or they just decide to live with the pain and suffer daily, but this struggle does not have to persist. Alleviating pain naturally and permanently is possible.

Types of headaches and finding what is causing them

There are many different causes of headaches, most of which can be traced back to tension or a misalignment within the body. The most common primary headache disorders are tension headaches, which occur most commonly, and cluster and migraine headaches. A primary headache means that the headache itself is the problem, while secondary headaches occur as a side effect of a medication, illness or injury.


Tension-type headaches are described as a tightness around the head, similar to as if one were wearing a band around the head. They often spread to the neck and upper shoulders. While tension headaches are often stress-related, many people do not realize they are more commonly caused by musculoskeletal problems.


Cluster headaches typically affect the eye area. Patients may suffer from a severe headache that is short-lived but recurs multiple times a day. Eyelid drooping, watering eyes and redness of the eye may also occur. Causes of cluster headaches are hard to pinpoint, but they are often associated with shifts within the vertebrates of the upper neck that cause inflammation and nerve compression.


Migraines are most common in women and those between age 35 and 45. Many women experience hormonal migraines that occur around the time of menstruation. Migraines are typically recurrent, one-sided, debilitating and severe, lasting hours or days, and may be accompanied by nausea or light and sound sensitivity. Migraines can have many triggers, but many patients find that the cause originates from the upper back and lower neck.

In general, more women suffer from tension headaches and migraines than men, and more men suffer from cluster headaches than women. While there are many causes for all of these headaches, sedentary lifestyles, remaining in one position at work all day, experiencing a sport-related injury and high blood pressure seem to be common factors.

How a headache treatment can help

Before any treatment is prescribed, a diagnosis will be made that will pinpoint the main cause of the headaches. This may be accomplished by a symptom diagnosis, a physical exam or the use of X-ray. Once a cause is established, spinal manipulation and adjustments may be made to improve the function of the spine and alleviate compression of the nerves. The patient will be advised on diet and exercise expectations and a stretch routine and relaxation techniques will be implemented as needed. Through these natural treatment methods, patients experience immediate relief and often long-term alleviation from headaches.

If you are experiencing any type of a headache and you cannot find a way to alleviate your pain, schedule an appointment today. A headache treatment may be the key to your lasting relief.