Options for Lower Back Pain Treatments

Posted on: February 16, 2018

We offer patients lower back pain treatments that are designed to help alleviate pain immediately and in the long-term. This is important because many people settle for treatments that only help to mask the pain rather than removing it.

The only way to experience long-term relief is to identify what is causing the problem, treat it and take steps to prevent the problem from happening again. This is what we do in our office.

What is causing the lower back pain?

This is the ultimate question. Most people who visit our office do not know why they are experiencing such severe back pain. Some come in after an accident, but even then, it is often unclear why the accident has resulted in such terrible back pain. That is why it is important to visit a medical professional.

We help our patients on a regular basis by identifying what is causing their back pain so that we can treat the problem. It is impossible to self-diagnose at home so it is necessary to visit us for a thorough examination and recommendations.

We can find the source of the pain

Understanding what is causing lower back pain is important from a treatment perspective but is also necessary for preventing re-injury. For example, if someone is suffering from back pain due to how they sit or stand, knowing this will be critical for making changes to prevent further strain and injury.

Likewise, if someone is experiencing constant pain because their muscles are too stiff or their core is not strong enough, it will be necessary to find out how to solve these issues through exercising and stretches. We start by identifying the problem to ensure that our recommendations are comprehensive enough to address it.

Lower back pain treatments

Once we have identified the source of the problem, we can begin to treat it. Since we take a natural and comprehensive approach, we often recommend more than one treatment method. Our suggestions may include:

1. Spinal manipulation

This is a touch therapy that allows us to make small adjustments to the spine in order to bring the vertebrae back into alignment. This is important for relieving muscle tension and improving overall health.

2. Stretching

We may recommend important stretches that can help to loosen the lower back and provide immediate relief from pain.

3. Exercises

Strengthening the back and the overall core can help to prevent a re-injury. This is why we recommend specific exercises be done under our supervision. They are designed to strengthen but when done correctly, will not cause any further irritation to the injured or inflamed area.

4. Massage

Our lower back pain treatment often includes massage because this is an excellent way to loosen the muscles and provide relief from pain. How often our patients need massage is going to depend on what has caused their pain and the extent of it. Some patients only need it once a month while others prefer to schedule a massage weekly.

Visit us for help

Ultimately, we are here to assist our patients by helping to identify the treatments that will be the most effective for relieving their back pain. We are focused on helping our patients to live their best quality life by reducing pain and improving mobility. To discover how we can help you, call and schedule an appointment today.