Try Holistic Medicine if You React Badly to a Medication

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Holistic medicine is an ideal way to treat someone who has had a negative reaction to any medication that they are taking or have taken in the past. Doctors who take the traditional Western approach are likely to identify an illness or health problem and find a medication that can help to treat it.

In many cases, this can be incredibly effective and sometimes life-saving. There are many benefits to this. However, these pharmaceutical drugs are simply not for everyone. Many patients experience negative side effects when taking them. These can range from side effects that are mildly annoying to ones that seriously interfere with a person's quality of life.

For example, a side effect of mild stomach discomfort may be an annoyance but severe diarrhea is more. Due to the side effects, some patients need to discontinue use of prescription drugs and look for alternative solutions. Since our approach is a natural one, we will be happy to help in that process.

The problem with prescription drugs

We realize there is an important place for prescription drugs and that there are many benefits to taking them, and if that particular drug is right for that particular patient.

That is where the problem lies. There is no customization with prescription drugs. It is a solution that has been tested and approved and then given to the general population who exhibit certain symptoms. If the patient did not react well to a particular aspect of that drug, there is no way to remove it. In other words, it is a general one-size-fits-all solution that does not always work.

Everyone is different, our body chemistry is different and how we react to medications or even vitamins is going to be different. Since pharmaceuticals cannot take that into consideration, it leaves a lot of patients living with side effects or complications caused by the very drugs that were supposed to help them.

Holistic medicine takes a different approach

Our approach is entirely different. Instead of using general solutions, we get to know our patients and their health before customizing a solution for them. This allows us to take how their body may react to certain elements into consideration. We can then adjust anything if the results are not exactly what we are hoping for.

In other words, holistic medicine leaves room for being nimble and flexible in treating patients. By paying attention to the signs and symptoms the patient is experiencing before and during treatment, we can make small or large adjustments to the treatment plan to ensure that the results are optimized. This is beneficial for our patients' quality-of-life and for the long-term health.

Visit our office for help

If you are having a negative reaction to prescription drugs, schedule an appointment for holistic medicine.  When you come in, we will conduct an examination, ask questions and may also run some tests. This will allow us to make recommendations and determine the best way to help you.

We will be happy to assist you and help to improve your health today and over the long-term.